Escape from L.A.

A month ago, if you had asked me how I felt about Los Angeles, I would have inevitably written it off as a city for the smug, the self righteous, the famous.  Ideas formed from the very media Los Angeles is known for.  To me, it was merely a convenient stepping stone to get to Asia.  A chance to see two of my best friends, Josh and Puriya, and a time to practice my self sufficiency before the real trip began.

Midnight club or daytime coffee shop?  You decide!

The flight was pleasant, besides the mind numbing boredom I felt having 3 hours of nothing to do (a good sign of things to come).  Getting to Hollywood was a little hectic, but upon connecting with my friends the world around me slowly started to become more familiar.  I saw the hoards of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, ate at some great spots, and saw one side of the Pacific Ocean while a drummer played to Death Grips on the beach. Probably the best was getting shown some amazing views by Sam, another friend from Minnesota, and getting to see all the beauty of the city lights and the horror of the city smog.  Highly recommended (40s optional).

Overall, my friends showed me a town I thought I would hate and ended up really enjoying.  The hobos were annoying (ironic), the traffic was disgusting, and the city was filthy, but good people and fun times have a way of covering all the negatives up.

And although I was anxious and scared at first, over the coming days even the most bizarre things became normal.  As I write this, I hope this phenomena will hold true as I begin my first day in Bangkok.


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